Triumphs. Over. Trendiness.


Back with the beginning of Instagram, pre-teen girls flooded the new social media platform to create accounts to use as a creative outlet, focusing on edited iphone images and the original Instagram camera filters. From this emerged many current photographers who found passion within photos of flowers in our mother's garden to capture the world around us. Evolving from this stage to an actual business, Emma Eaton Photography was established with the same enthusiasm that I had when I realized how photography made me feel and more importantly, how it could make other people feel. With emphasis on the real, I believe that authenticity will always triumph over trendiness and this job allows me the privilege of taking photos that will be shown to generations to come.


Although I do all types of work, most of my photography consists of seniors, couples, and various lifestyle shoots. Feel free to look through samples of sessions throughout the years and the moments I capture at every unique session!




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